About Us

TransGlobal Payment Systems is a nationwide full service credit card processing company.

Our corporate headquarters is in Houston, Texas. TransGlobal brings more than 75 years of combined executive management experience to merchants to provide innovative products and solutions with a guided direction to help increase business productivity and profitability. We offer unbeatable rates and a wide variety of payment acceptance services. TransGlobal products and services have helped thousands of businesses succeed and grow in their industries. We have been able to achieve this by providing our merchants with secure point-of-sale equipment, competitive rates, award winning customer service, and innovative products and services. TransGlobal reaches all levels of commerce including all retail, restaurants, medical, hotels, clubs & bars, supermarkets, wholesale, petroleum service stations, MOTO, e-commerce/virtual payment gateways, and more. All of our support and sales members go through extensive training to provide our customers with exceptional knowledge and services.


Our Mission

To provide the best customer service and payment products in the credit card processing industry. We value each merchant we serve and realize that great pricing is just as important as exceptional quality service and support.

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